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The voice of the customer - from Mr K.B.

Kaori solved all my computer problems, no matter whether it was Software, Hardware, Printer or Internet. The best word to describe her trouble shooting skills is "magic". She always found the problem quickly and never failed to solve it !!! (Mr K.B. English Speaker – Ocean Reef)

The voice of the customer - from Mr M.R.

Kaori provided a prompt and efficient service in our time of need when our computer system was down. Highly recommended. (Mr M.R. English Speaker – Bedford)

The voice of the customer - from Mr S.W.

Recently I encountered a serious problem with my laptop computer. On more than one occasion I needed to contact the IT support network group of my ISP. On each occasion they were at a loss to identify why I could no longer use the Internet on my laptop. I was at the point where I needed to buy a complete new system. The cost would have been substantial.
Fortunately I made contact with Kaori although I was still unsure if she would be able to fix the problem. Having met Kaori I found her to be extremely professional and courteous. The speed and efficiency with which she worked amazed me. Within 15- 20 minutes she had identified the problem and set about correcting it.
Kaori was able to use simple language to explain to me why my computer would not function. Her knowledge of IT and computers was fascinating and for the work she performed, exceptionally good value for money. The laptop and my Internet has worked without a single incident since.
In a single word: Kaori was brilliant. I could not give a higher recommendation and would urge anyone with a similar problem to contact Kaori. (Mr S.W. English Speaker – Balcatter)

The voice of the customer - from Ms T.W.

My PC unexpectedly stopped receiving a signal from my router. I called an ISP technical support number, and was advised by the technician for hours with no resolution. Then, I decided to ask Kaori for her help. She came to my computer site immediately after I called her and started to troubleshoot the problem. She methodically went through all the possible problems, and was able to fix my computer within a short period of time. She was friendly, enthusiastic and got the job done really fast. (Ms T.W. Japanese Speaker – Balcatta)

The voice of the customer - from Ms K.G.

I moved to Perth from Japan, and signed up for an ADSL service. I tried to connect to the Internet through my router, but I couldn’t make it work. Despite asking my friends, including ones who worked with technology — nobody was able to help me. Then I found Kaori, who helped me straight away without taking a huge amount of my time. She helped me further, by arranging my PC environment, which was confusing for me to do by myself. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is having computer problems. I will be calling her if anything goes wrong in the future. Thanks Kaori! (Ms K.G. Japanese Speaker – Leederville)

The voice of the customer - from Ms K.M.

I experienced a blue “death of screen” on my PC, which then stopped responding. Kaori fixed this for me straight away, and installed more memory and applied for an internet speed upgrade with my ISP provider. Since then, I’ve had no problems (Ms K.M. Japanese Speaker – Applecross)

The voice of the customer - from Ms K.T.

I was panicked when my outlook messages suddenly disappeared! I had a lot of important messages from friends and family that I could not afford to lose. I called Kaori, and she was able to recover all my email. I really appreciated her help. (Ms K.T. Japanese Speaker – Wembley)

The voice of the customer - from Ms K.C.

We live in a world where we have to use our computers and mobile devices in our every day lives. Kaori is like ‘superwoman’ to me, as she really helps me with my electronic ineptness! Whenever something goes “wrong” I ask Kaori to help me, and she solves all my issues really fast. Keep in touch Kaori! (Ms K.C. Japanese Speaker – Como)

The voice of the customer - from Ms M.K.

Kaori came to fix my computer really soon after I called her for her help. She not only fixes the problem, she looks for the cause – her troubleshooting skills are terrific. She has been a great help to me. (Ms M.K. Japanese Speaker – Rivervale)

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